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Who and What is OPVIC?

Ontario Parents of Visually Impaired Children OPVIC was first founded several decades ago under the name Views for Visually Impaired Children. Some just called us Views for short. We have changed the name we go by on a day to day basis, because our new name OPVIC does a better job of telling you who we are.

We are provincially recognized as the organized non-profit, non-partisan advocacy voice of parents and guardians of children with vision loss in Ontario. This includes children and youth who are blind, or who have low vision, deaf blindness, or vision loss combined with one or more disabilities. As the parents of children with vision loss, our role every day is, in our own ways, to teach our children and to advocate for them.

OPVIC is a volunteer non-profit association of parents, guardians and family members of children, youth and adults with vision loss. This includes children who are totally blind, or who have low vision, or who are deafblind, or who have some amount of vision loss combined with other disabilities.

We came together to provide peer support and education for our members, and to advocate for our children. OPVIC advocates at the provincial and local levels on behalf of the needs of students with vision loss. For example, OPVIC has representatives on several Special Education Advisory Committees around Ontario. It is entitled to be represented on those committees as the grassroots voice advocating for the needs of children with vision loss.

To learn more about us, please contact us. We don’t have an office or staff. We are all volunteers. Therefore email is the best way to reach out. Contact us at opvicfeedback@gmail.com

The one thing we don’t do and cannot do is to represent individual children or their families, or give them legal advice. We are eager to offer peer support to each other, and to help our members and supporters plug into the resources and supports they need.

Together, we are stronger!

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